When the Church is gathered together, what we sing matters.  If every song is a sermon, then we should be singing the Gospel.   And if we’re singing the Gospel, it’s driven by a rhythm—a progression—a design.  As a student of worship, Cassidy Crenshaw understands and practices the pattern of revelation and response we see so clearly in God’s Word; not only on the platform, but in his personal walk with Jesus. 

Out of the overflow of his heart, Cassidy seeks to lead others in passionate, expressive worship that truly honors God.  And in fact, he’s been doing that for over fourteen years now.  He’s a called man of God that grasps what it means to be both a musician and a pastor.  Cassidy served in the local church as a student/collegiate minister for 8 years, so he knows how to communicate on a soul-to-soul level. But he’s also got the creativity and vision of an artist.  Cassidy is a musical wordsmith, seeking to unite a holy vocabulary with memorable melodies that connect the worshiper with our Heavenly Father.  And it shows when he’s leading a congregation in corporate worship.   He’s an intentional planner, an impassioned pray-er, and a genuinely humble character that God has gifted to help lead His church.

Cassidy serves as a Worship Pastor at Pinelake Church (Clinton Campus), and as an adjunct professor in the Mississippi College Worship Leadership program.  He is a graduate of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and lives in Clinton with his wife & children.  He has independently released (and co-produced) two albums of pop-praise music that reflect his heart and his journey of faith.  

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When you call on us to lead your group, we want you to have complete confidence & trust that we're there to serve Christ through serving you.  We recognize that we are only a momentary musical guest, and that the work of the local church stretches far beyond our time with you.  It's our passionate desire to encounter our great God through worship, not only in our times where we lead musically, but through our personal, everyday lives.  Hopefully you can be assured & encouraged by the opinions below as you pray on whether or not to bring us to your next event.  

"We are always blessed to have the Cassidy Crenshaw Band leading worship for us at Lake Forest Ranch. Cassidy has a heart that displays a depth of adoration for Jesus and his worship leadership reflects his heart beautifully. We look forward to the next time he and his band will be with us again to give leadership into the throne of grace with joy, affection and celebration lifted to our wonderful Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ."

Rich Malone - Director, Lake Forest Ranch, Macon, MS

"I am very picky about who I ask to lead in worship. Just about anybody can be a musician, and some musicians just don't understand what it takes to lead others. Cassidy knows the difference between music and worship, and he worships in his own personal life already, so its from the overflow of his heart that he leads others in worship. And to top it all off, God has given him real musical talent! Cassidy is a real blessing." 

Aaron Tucker - Associate Pastor of Students and Missions, Wynndale Baptist Church, Terry, MS


"Cassidy Crenshaw is the real deal! He is not about performing, but truly focused on leading people toward the throne of God! From my 15 years in ministry and being around many of the "top" worship leaders, I can honestly say that Cassidy Crenshaw ranks right up there with the best of them! He will take any event to a whole new level of excellence. I also have the privilege of knowing him as a friend. He is a man of integrity who lives out what he does on stage, and your people will love getting to know him!"

Lance Montalbano - Lead Pastor, Marshall Road Baptist Church, Jacksonville, AR

"Cassidy Crenshaw leads worship with undeniable authenticity and incredible talent. His sincerity and purity of heart overflow into his music which ushers the congregation to the throne of grace. I have personally called Cassidy to lead Sunday worship services and revivals because I know that our congregation will experience so much more than a production--they will experience the freedom that comes from being in the presence of the Lord."

Dan Pritchett - Pastor, Memorial Baptist Church, Metairie, LA